By Michael Coleman, Jan 16 2018 11:05AM

2018. World Cup year. After their wreckage in Rio, the England team have qualified for the tournament in Russia. More importantly, the 6th edition of Wicked World Cup will be in the shops. The new cover has just been released. Here's a sneak preview.

By Michael Coleman, Apr 15 2016 11:22AM

What did the Romans ever do for us?

Find out in three programmes of comedy sketches originally broadcast on BBC Schools Radio. You can find them here:

Subjects include the Roman invasion, the Roman Army, resistance from the British, changing life and customs.

By Michael Coleman, Apr 7 2016 07:41PM

"Shakespeare on Trial" is a musical play specially written for BBC Learning to celebrate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death.

Funny, and including 8 songs set to music by Barry Gibson, the playscript is ideally suited for performance by 9 - 13 year-olds.

The full playscript, backing tracks and music sheets for the songs, and all the audio cues in the script can be downloaded for free.

Visit the BBC site at to get them - or simply to sing along with the karaoke videos!

By Michael Coleman, Apr 6 2016 03:09PM

The 6th edition of Flaming Olympics is now available.

Fully revised for the 2016 Games taking place in Rio de Janeiro this August, it also has a special section looking back at the momentous Olympics of London 2012.

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