BBC Learning: "Shakespeare on Trial"

By Michael Coleman, Apr 7 2016 07:41PM

"Shakespeare on Trial" is a musical play specially written for BBC Learning to celebrate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death.

Funny, and including 8 songs set to music by Barry Gibson, the playscript is ideally suited for performance by 9 - 13 year-olds.

The full playscript, backing tracks and music sheets for the songs, and all the audio cues in the script can be downloaded for free.

Visit the BBC site at to get them - or simply to sing along with the karaoke videos!

Mar 9 2017 04:22PM by Mrs Collins

I am interested in using the Shakespeare on trial resource but would like to use backing tracks for performance are there any available?

Feb 9 2018 08:04PM by Michael Coleman

Yes, if you follow the link to the BBC web site you'll find that the backing tracks are there and can be downloaded. There are even karaoke versions you can watch!

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