Wicked World Cup 2018

By Michael Coleman, Jan 16 2018 11:05AM

2018. World Cup year. After their wreckage in Rio, the England team have qualified for the tournament in Russia. More importantly, the 6th edition of Wicked World Cup will be in the shops. The new cover has just been released. Here's a sneak preview.

Apr 18 2018 04:11PM by Pádraig Ó Máirtín

Hi Michael,
My son recently bought the Wicked World Cup book and is seems like a fun read. I am concerned about the references to 'Northern Ireland in the section 'World Cup Beginnings' Northern Ireland was created in 1921 after the Irish War of Independence. Before then the soccer team was simply called Ireland. Also there is reference to 'the four countries of Great Britain' although there are only three. United Kingdom refers to the four.
All the best with this and future books.

May 24 2018 06:58PM by Michael Coleman

Hello Padraig
Thanks for pointing these out. I'll make sure they're taken into account for the 2022 edition!
I hope your son enjoys the book.
Best wishes - Michael Coleman

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