Rhoda ONeill shot out of the newsagents, raced all the way home, bounded up the stairs, charged into her bedroom, slammed the door shut, then dived full-length onto her bed like a goalie making a flying save.

Was it there? Was it?

Quickly she flipped through the pages of Kick-Off, the glossy football magazine she bought faithfully every week. Past the star interview page she went, past the action shots from all the top matches, past the pull-out pin-up posters  to the readers letters page. It was there! Her letter was actually, unbelievably there!


Dear "Kick-Off" Magazine

   I love playing for my team Angels FC, but my real ambition is to be a football kit model like those in your advertisements. Can you please give me some advice on how to get started?

   Yours hopefully,

   Rhoda ONeill (Miss)


Rhoda could hardly bear to look at the answer. Would it encourage her? Or would it tell her to stick to playing and forget all about modelling because that was a completely daft idea? Taking a deep breath to calm herself down, Rhoda read the reply beneath her letter.


  Dear Rhoda,

  Everybody should have an ambition! Good luck with yours!

  The best way to get started in modelling is to build up what's called a portfolio. That's     a file of photographs of yourself - perhaps even a video! Once you've got your portfolio    you can send it anywhere. We'd love to see it!

  Yours footballingly,

  Kick-Off Magazine.


A portfolio! What a brilliant idea!

Rhoda lay back and gazed dreamily at the ceiling. She could see herself now, posing before a battery of photographers in a brand new England Women's team kit. The kit would be as bright as her smile, not a speck of mud in sight. Now that would be a dream! thought Rhoda. With her all-action style she usually finished an Angels match covered in mud!

Yes, decided Rhoda, she would get a portfolio together. It should be easy. Lots of the Angels players had cameras. They'd all take pictures for her ...

EXCERPT (from Shocking Shooting)

Featuring: Shocking Shooting, Fearsome Free-Kicks, Wicked Wingers


Illustrations (c) Nick Abadzis, 1997-2000

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