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One snowy day, Shelley the tortoise left her cosy bed to find out what winter was like.


"Whoever heard of a tortoise out in winter?" laughed everyone. "Ridiculous!"


"No it isn't!" said Shelley. But as her journey goes on, she isn't so sure any more.


A heart-warming story for a winter's day!

"An enchanting story unobtrusively teaching about hibernation and the seasons." - Child Education


"A delightful winter adventure. The gentle humorous drawings are a perfect match for a story that will be enjoyed over and over again" - Carousel


"A brilliant story book for young children. All will enjoy. The children love to see where Shelley goes. Great fun talking about what the word 'Ridiculous' means." - Rosina, Amazon reviewer

Illustrations (c) Gwyneth Williamson, 1996


Also available in the

'Ready Steady Read' series,

- with activity pages and

reward stickers!

Shortlisted for the Sheffield Children's Book Award



"Ho hum," yawned Mr Tortoise. "Winter is here."


"So it is," yawned Mrs Tortoise. "Come on, Shelley. Time for bed."


"But I don't feel sleepy yet," said Shelley.


"Ridiculous!" cried Mr Tortoise. "All tortoises go to sleep for the winter."


"Why?" asked Shelley.


"Because it's cold outside and there's no food,"




Soon, Mr Tortoise began to snore.


Not long after that, Mrs Tortoise began to snore.


And, not long after that, Shelley left her warm bed of leaves and went out through a hole in the shed to see what winter was like ...


(c) Michael Coleman 2020

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