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Here's a wicked question to try on your football-mad friends:


- in Russia it’s known as the Chempionat Mira Po Futbolu

- in Germany its called the Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft

- in France its the Coupe du Monde

- in Spain its the Copa del Mundo de Futbol


What is it?


The answer, of course, is the football World Cup - the FIFA World Cup to give it its proper title. It's the biggest, the best, and the most wicked football tournament there is!


It's the biggest because, although the finals are only held every four years, the whole competition takes well over two years to complete.


It's the best because its a competition to find the best football nation in the world.


And it's the most wicked because, in its history, the World Cup has seen a whole collection of ...


- wicked matches, like the rough one in 1954 that was continued in the changing rooms after the final whistle had blown!


- wicked teams, like the one that was nicknamed the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck team!

Packed with enough footie-facts to fill a stadium!


Discover what makes the World Cup so wicked with quotes, quizzes, stories, stats and more.


Back-of-the net brilliant!


Illustrations (c) Harry Venning, 1998

and (c) Mike Phillips, 2002,06,10,14 & 2018

- wicked players, like the one who was sent off in 1966 but refused to go!


- wicked fans, like the Mexican horn-honkers!


- wicked referees, like the one who was a real monster!


Yes, you'll find them all in this book together with loads of wicked facts and wicked quotes, not to mention plenty of wicked questions you can use to fool your know-all friends, teachers, Dads (and Mums).


So read on to find out everything you need to know about the World Cup. Its wicked!

"The best World Cup book of the year" - The Observer


"I expect some serious pocket-money sales of this hilarious though informative soccer book"

- Families SE


"An excellent read, it is likely to be the one title which is worth having on the shelf long after any UK interest in the competition is finished" - The Bookseller


"Excellent" - Daily Telegraph


"Perfect for the young football fan"- W ales on Sunday


Wicked World Cup (2018)

WWC Cover

(c) Michael Coleman 2020

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