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Angels FC Series

There five books in the Angels FC series, all illustrated by the fabulous Nick Abadzis. Each book contains 3 stories, so - if your arithmetic is good - you'll have worked out there are 15 stories in all.


That's one story for each  of the 11 players, the 2 substitutes, and the coach (Trev the Rev).


And the 15th story? That's about how the team came together, of course!


Here's the lineup in 2 - 3 - 0 formation, with each of the titles containing three stories ...


Click on a book cover to find out more ...

Illustrations (c) Nick Abadzis, 1997-2000

... or there's the bumper large-sized edition containing all 15 stories in a single volume!

complete print cover

 FYI: Print editions (with illustrations)

and E-books (WITHOUT illustrations)

of all 5 available on Amazon!

FYI: Print edition only - with illustrations - on Amazon!

(c) Michael Coleman 2020

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