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The Tudors


These four radio sketch programmes were designed to give listeners a quick spin through the tumultuous years of the Tudors - with a few laughs thrown in as well.


Click on the pix opposite to link to the BBC's website and listen to ...


#1 Henry VIII, his six wives, male heirs, the Church of England, crime, punishment, food, health and medicine!


#2 Elizabeth I, 'Bloody Mary', succession squabbles, religious (in)tolerance, Mary Queen of Scots, the Spanish Armada, more crime and punishment!


#3 Rich and Poor, education, disgusting jobs, fashions and fads, lavish food and lots of turnips!


#4 Work and Play, more disgusting jobs and none, a life at sea, holidays, bloodthirsty football, and girls-free theatre !



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"The Tudors" section of the BBC web site

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Once there you'll be able to download the script and/or accompanying notes ...

or simply laugh along with the radio sketches.

#1 Henry VIII

#2 Elizabeth I

#3 Rich and Poor

#4 Work and Play

(from Henry VIII)






1. OFFICIAL: Ah. You must be the boy joining the royal court on work experience.


2. BOY: (Keen as mustard) Yes, sir! I really want to know what the King does on his throne!


3. OFFICIAL: Then you’re in luck, lad. The King needs a new Groom of the Stool.


4. BOY: Wow! Will I get to see the King in action? I really want to get to the bottom of how things work.


5. OFFICIAL: You’ll do that all right. Every day. Twice sometimes.


6. BOY: Great! So – what does the Groom of the Stool do, exactly?


7. OFFICIAL: Simple. After the king has been to the toilet, the Groom wipes his bottom for him and then has the job of disposing of the King’s er – jobs. How do you like the sound of that?


8. BOY: I think the job stinks!

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(c) Michael Coleman 2020

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