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Illustrations (c) Tim Warnes, 2000

George loves Sylvia and Sylvia loves George, but neither of them is brave enough to tell the other how they feel.


George thinks he's too fat for slim, trim Sylvia. As for Sylvia, she thinks she's too skinny for big, strong George.


So the two love-struck gorillas set about changing their appearances ...


A tale of love in the jungle which will appeal to children (and adults) of all shapes!

"A touching and funny picture book with gorgeous illustrations" - Bookstore


"My stepmom bought this book for my little brother (who is under 5) and I loved reading it to him. It reminded me of real life situations that we all go through. It's an easy read, the words have a bit of melody and repetition which is great for small children" - Danielle, Amazon Reviewer


"George and Sylvia are two monkeys who learn an important lesson -- true love isn't about conforming to societal standards of perfection" - Amazon reviewer






George thought that Sylvia couldn't possibly love him because he was too big and fat.


"Sylvia's slim and Sylvia's trim

But I've got a shape that's really grim"


he groaned.


As for Sylvia, she thought that George couldn't possibly love her because she was too small and skinny.


"George is big and George is strong

But I've got a shape that's gone all wrong"


she sighed.

(c) Michael Coleman 2020

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